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Drones for Kids

List of Drones for Kids
With so many to chose from, we provide a quick table guide to our favorite drones for kids, so you can easily compare brands. Narrow down your choices based on the criteria we list below for children or beginners of any age.
DroneWhat We LikeLowest Price
Syma X5C Quadcopter
Our Top Pick!
Low Price
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Holy Stone HS170 Predator
Flying Range
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National Geographic Quadcopter Drone
Kid-Friendly Features
Easy Tricks
Headless Mode
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EACHINE E010 Mini Drone
One-Press Features
Super Low Price
Headless Mode
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Bangcool Mini RC Drone
Flight Time
Low Charging Time
Tricks Are Easy
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Top 5 Drones for Kids

We reviewed several models that included the features we established as important for kids flying drones, and we narrowed it down to the top 5 versions that we like.

So let’s get to them:

Top Pick – Syma X5C Quadcopter

Syma X5C Quadcopter
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We really like the Syma X5C drone mainly because it beat our expectations. It is low cost, affordable drone so we made an assumption – a wrong one – that the drone wouldn’t be all that great in terms of features and flying capability.

Turns out, this drone rocks. Here’s why:

Performance is awesome. The drone is responsive and handles very well. There is very little delay between transmitter controller and drone response. This is really important when flying in certain conditions and the X5C-1 passed did great.

It is also quite durable and held up well to unexpected ‘landings’. The quadcopter includes optional blade protectors.

The drone flies equally well outside as well as indoors – just always make sure you enough room away from obstacles and people! Flight time is an impressive 7-8 minutes, which is on the upper end of the scale for low cost RC drones.

Note: we always encourage users to get extra batteries, it makes flying so much more fun. A multi-charger also helps so you don’t have to plug in one battery at a time.

Since our Syma X5C-1 quadcopter is easy to fly, it is a great choice for kids or any beginner. You’ll love the HD camera, and it comes with a 2GB micro card so you can take photos AND video with your drone. As is usually the case, it comes with extra blades in case you need to replace one.

We did lose the drone over some trees once because of the wind, but we easily found it because it is white in color and has flashing lights. This helps at night too. The remote control can transmit to about 100 yards, which is far enough! Be sure to keep it within sight.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Drone

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Remote Controlled Mini Drone
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** First off, this is a good drone but we didn’t like the fact that the controller is not intuitive and you will need to consult the instructions to learn how to fly using the RC transmitter. Other than that, we did like this drone for beginners.

That being the case, once you learn to use the drone properly you will really enjoy flying it. For beginners, you can start out in slow mode and there are three speeds in total for once you are an expert at flying.

The drone is very stable with a 6-Axis gyro system. This helps the drone hover and respond more accurately to the remote controller. It also has bright LED lights to help identify the front and back, plus you can fly at night!

One feature we really like is the headless mode. While we don’t highly recommend learning in headless mode, it does remove one part of flying skill and allows a beginner to more easily control the drone.

The HS170 RC drone has a flying range of up to 100 feet or so depending on wind conditions and the environment. Batteries last up to 8 minutes and it takes a little more than an hour to charge the battery. This drone does NOT require FAA registration.

So Hint: Buy extra batteries. (That’s actually our mantra).

Overall we love the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini – especially for the price. It is a solid choice. The one that is missing? The camera.

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone

National Geographic Quadcopter Drone
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National Geographic is well-known for helping kids (and even the rest of us) to learn about the world in interesting and visually stimulating ways.

The Quadcopter Drone from National Geographic is no exception. It is easy to use, a lot of fun, and it helps teach kids about flight without really seem like learning. Isn’t that what every kid wants?

The best features in this drone for kids are the one-touch controls that enable you to take off and land without any other controls. COOL!

Also, you can steer in any direction then press a button to do a 360 degree flip. Use just this feature and now you look like a pro. It is such a cool idea.

In case of dis-orientation or if you lose sight of your drone you can push a button and the drone will return to you by itself. This is very helpful to beginners learning to fly and to kids. This is called headless mode, and you can turn it on and off as you like.

All in all, this is a beginner’s dream drone and is a perfect drone for kids or grownups alike. Instant tricks and reliable performance gives the drone high marks by everyone who tried it.

If that’s not enough, the drone flys longer than most in this price range and flying class – up to 10 minutes on one battery. The battery charges via USB connector and is included.

The drone’s range was as far as we could see it. Since we don’t have FPV ability we don’t recommend flying it farther than you can comfortably see it – but it will go further. We also like the altitude hold function which helps keep the drone in the air when you are practicing other controls.

You should note that this drone does not require FAA registration.

EACHINE E010 Mini Drone

EACHINE E010 Mini Drone
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There are a few things help make the E010 drone perfect for kids just learning to fly an RC drone.

First, we love the headless mode. We don’t recommend getting so used to it that you don’t learn to orient your drone. However, when you are first starting out, this is one of the best features to have so you can focus attention on other parts of the controller.

Basically, headless mode orients the quadcopter to the same direction as the controller. So if you turn to face left, the drone automatically turns to face left. So a forward acceleration is always forward – and so on.

Next, another great feature on this drone is the one-key return. You push a button and the drone returns to the remote controller location. This keeps you from losing sight of your drone and helps if you ever are disoriented from your drone direction.

Finally, when you want to look like a mad expert flying your drone, you can press a function button when flying in any direction and your drone will automatically do a complete roll over in that same direction.

But the best part? The price. At the time of publishing the drone sells for less than $25. You simply can’t beat it. No camera, but you don’t really need one for just fun flying.

Flight time is low at about 5 minutes or so, but charging time is quicker than most at less than an hour for one battery – buy extras for more fun. A standard 100 foot range is what you get with this drone.

Overall the Eachine E010 mini quadcopter is one of the best we tried. We suggest getting one, or two at that price.

Bangcool Mini RC Drone

Bangcool Mini Drone
Check for Lowest Price

This mini RC drone performs one-touch 3D flips, and has colorful LED lights that make flying fun, even at night! Headless mode helps you orient the drone when learning to navigate so this is an excellent feature for kids. Also you’ll like the one touch return so you never lose your drone in the air.

Our flight times averaged from 6 to 7 minutes, although we did get one series of flights at or over 8 minutes. We concluded it really depends on the conditions and we tend to fly in more humid air which does increase resistance – which uses more power. Even at it’s lowest the drone comes in at or above the average for drones we looked at for kids.

The better news is that it does better than average at recharging. Less than an hour, which is the best we’ve found. Trust me that will help during the agonizing wait in between batteries. Get extras, as always.

The maximum flying range is somewhat low, but still plenty for kids who want to learn. It’s about 100 feet, and honestly you don’t need it to go any further.

The easy tricks and the durability of this drone makes it a good choice for a beginner or for kids.

Final Words
Whether you are a kid at heart or shopping for your kids, start out with something easy and simple to learn. And one that doesn’t break your bank. We looked at over 10 brands and designs, and decided on these drones for the best to start out. We hope this list is helpful so you can find the drone that is right for you and your budget.

Let us know what you purchase, and how you like it!