Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Surfing in Costa Rica Drone Video

Drone Video capturing surfers

If you ever wanted to get into aerial photography, here is another reason for it. It is an amazing feeling to capture such beauty from a drone camera where just a few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Not ready for the high-level drones? You can still get some decent video and still photos from drones under $100. Now is the time to check that out!

Here is some amazing video of the surf in blue water off the coast of beautiful Costa Rica. This awesome video was recently featured on the Epic Drone Video channel on YouTube. We thought you would love it so we post it here for your enjoyment.

The original video was shot by drone video creator Julian Broche from Level Media.

Information about the location and equipment: Julian used a DJI Phantom Advanced (no surprise there, the quality is outstanding) and the drone flew around an area known as “Little Hawaii” because of the classic waves and surfing environment is similar to that of the big island chain.

One of the coolest things about drone videos (and watching them) is the feeling that you are actually there! Surfing is one of those activities that many of us will never get the chance to master. So in this case, an aerial view from a FPV drone is life changing you could say!

Look for more of these amazing videos by Level Media on their YouTube channel.

Video Credit: Youtube/Epic Drone Videos
Video Creator: Level Media
Screen Captures: DronesInView.com