Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Swiss Alps Drone Video

Drone video captured over Swiss Alps

Even if you are just a drone beginner, you’ll agree this is an amazing drone video captured from the top of the Swiss Alps, Mount Tilis gives you the feeling of being on top of the world! Check it out:

These dramatic scenes were captured by a featured video creator Thorn Bauer using a DJI Phantom Professional drone. These mountains are located in Switzerland on a mountain called Titlis, It is on the border between Obwalden on Wikipedia and Wikipedia article about Berne.

It is the highest summit of the range north of the Susten Pass, between the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland. Because of this location and altitude (nearly 11,000 feet!) – this drone footage is some of the highest on Earth. This really pushes the design limits of the drone, and you can see the quadcopter and camera performed spectacularly.

Drone Video
Drone operator used a DJI Phantom Professional to capture this stunning video over the Swiss Alps.